Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Louis McKee 1951-2011

GE Reutter asked me for a quote about Louis McKee for his obituary -- below is part of my comment about Lou:

"McKee was a poet who was able to capture the unexpected music of his working class Irish-Catholic world. Lou was mightily modest and mightily proud. He had a great ear and a great eye, but above all, he had a great heart.”

Read GE Reutter's full OBIT of Louis McKee at Northeast Philly.com

Louis McKee (born July 31, 1951, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) has been a fixture of the Philadelphia poetry scene since the early 70s. He is the author of Schuylkill County (Wampeter, 1982), The True Speed of Things (Slash & Burn, 1984), and fourteen other collections, including River Architecture: Poems from Here & There 1973-1993 (Cynic, 1999), Loose Change (Marsh River Editions, 2001), and a volume in the Pudding House Greatest Hits series.

Naomi Shihab Nye says, "Louis McKee is one of the truest hearts and voices in poetry we will ever be lucky to know."

McKee was a longtime editor of the Painted Bride Quarterly. During his tenure, he edited three special issues, celebrating the work of Etheridge Knight and John Logan, as well as a retrospective, 20th-anniversary volume of the PBQ. He was the publisher of Banshee Press and the magazine One Trick Pony.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger joebanford said...

Very sad news. His loss is felt by all who've known him and his work.

At 7:05 PM, Blogger jamesduganlb said...

He was a close friend and mentor and criticized my poetry with offending. He would have loved the Sixers run this year, especially against the Celtics.

I wrote a piece when I heard of his death, http://www.thelunchbreakblog.com/lunch-break-poetry/2011/11/25/louis-c-mckee-saying-goodbye-to-a-philadelphia-poet-and-teac.html

Tom, he spoke highly of you. Give me a note to my email because I would like to send you a book of mine you might enjoy. Thanks


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